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Orange Cranberry Power Balls

Orange Cranberry Power Balls

$ 15.00

It's the perfect combination of summery, citrus-ey sweet...tempered with a little cranberry tartness.  It's like biting into a flakey Orange Cranberry Scone from a certain coffee shop! (But totally healthy AIP & Paleo hehe)

Box of 4 Packs. Packaged 2 Balls per pack for easy snacking. Total 8 Balls.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Collagen Protein, Organic Raw Honey, Coconut Milk, Vanilla Powder, Less than 2% of:  Collagen Gelatin, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Power Balls should be consumed within 60 days of manufacture date if not refrigerated, and within nine months if refrigerated. Extended exposure to heat will compromise the integrity and quality of the product. It is best to store the Power Balls in a cool place or refrigerate, and serve at room temperature.